Psalm 78:42-72

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From the book “Game Plan for Life”, Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias writes, “In real terms, the New Testament is easily the best attested ancient writing in terms of the sheer number of documents, the time span between the events and the document, and the variety of documents available to sustain or contradict it. There is nothing in ancient manuscript evidence to match such textual availability and integrity”.

God’s word is a solid record of how we should live. Today’s reading in Psalm 78:42-72 teaches us that God has a purpose in everything as we look back at history and remember His great wonders, the guidance He gives, and the protection He gives. One king He chose was David who worked as a shepherd but with God’s help became shepherd of His people who reigned as a person of principle, of character, of integrity. Though force is what the people understood when they saw David kill the giant, it was his faith in God; more solid than the rock he used as the weapon that ultimately led to victory

Today, I’m praying to learn and apply the principles God gives us in the Bible; asking him to search inside my soul and clear out what shouldn’t be there.

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