Ezekiel 16:1-42

Passage Lookup

This passage is a parable of an infant rescued from the elements by a traveler who educates and richly provides for the newborn’s needs. It speaks about the Jewish nation; prosperous but guilty of the most abandoned conduct and not responding with thankfulness for God’s kindness.

The lesson learned today is that there is no long term gain apart from God but there is a sure reward in God’s kindness through the gift of His Son. We should use the kind gift of God’s grace that flows like a never ending river to inspire us and help us respond to others with encouragement. We can take advantage of technology which enables us to have a bigger impact in today’s world in building each other up, growing in faith together, and praying for each other.

List any videos you are reminded of as you read this passage. Here is a link to one for this reading: Someone Cares: Inspirational Video Featuring Scott Krippayne. My hope is that it inspires you as you spend this day with God.

My prayer today is to accept God’s kindness and respond with praise and good works. To encourage, build up, and humbly pray for spiritual growth in everyone I know; communicating that no matter what happens in life, God loves them and that is all that matters.

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