Ezekiel 15

Passage Lookup


The great quality of a vine is that it provides food for a fruit but a vine that is fruitless is useless. In reading Ezekiel 15,  the lesson learned is that the people of Israel were valued by God because they could do His work and be a good example for others. Instead their fruitlessness demonstrated a bad example. A great quality of a person is to find out the way of God and going that way; saying “no” to mediocrity but saying “yes” to excellence.

There are so many lessons to be learned from businesses, from sports, science, and other disciplines. It’s so important to know what your strengths are and be confident. To know what others strengths are and to complement them. But of most importance is to lay claim to the One that unites us all and gives us the advantage needed to have true success. Within God’s Word are nuggets of gold; more than what is mined from earth.

Today, I’m praying to find these nuggets of gold and share with others. To know my strengths and share with others in an useful way. Things may not turn out exactly as I plan but God  always has a better plan. I’m thinking about my failings of the past and now looking at them as stepping stones to a better future. As I look back, I’m thanking God for the lessons learned and for the chance to share these lessons with others.

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