Ezekiel 13 – 15 Questions for Reflection

The Prophet Ezekiel (Ez. 14:1-21)

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Make use of the questions below as you study and spend each day with God this week:

Ezekiel 13
Passage Lookup

Characterize the source, content, and effect of the false prophet’s message. What is God’s attitude and consequent action toward the false prophets (note the threefold punishment in verse 9)? How do the prophetesses captivate the people? What power do they claim?

Ezekiel 14
Passage Lookup

Why can’t God give direction to the inquiring elders? What must they do? How can God guide you? What is God’s primary concern? What does this teach of God and his attitude toward the individual?

Ezekiel 15
Passage Lookup

What usual quality of a vine does Ezekiel ignore? Why? What is Israel’s value to God? What makes her value even less?


The reading plan above can be used as a tool for daily Bible study at any place or any  time. My hope is that the readings, questions above, and the experiences you have throughout this week allow you an opportunity to truly experience a deeper relationship with God. “This Day with God” devotional is here to guide your thoughts and prayers. It’s here to open up the Scriptures with ideas that may help you apply them. It’s a tool to enhance communication about faith and have an effect on how we learn from each other. It’s about providing the type of freedoms people need in the busy world in which we live.

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