Take Courage


Courage (Photo credit: Pete Reed)

Pressure is mounting in Haggai 2:1-9 to rebuild the temple to the glorious state it was during Solomon’s time. The Lord is stirring the people to carry out the work (v.4). The word of God comes through the prophet Haggai for the people to take courage. In what ways do you need to take courage? As stated in a post of a fellow blogger at this link: Justification By Grace, the truth of Christ can fill us with courage.

Christ is prophesied (v. 7) and as explained in the gospel writings, we are each chosen as the Temple. Because of our acceptance of Christ as Savior, the Spirit lives in us and we can be encouraged that God is with us. We can gain strength and courage from prayer, Bible study, and worship. This is the first step and the second is to apply our faith in how we live at work or home.

Building up spiritual strength is similar to building up physical strength and needs some attention. Many pay attention to their physical work outs. Go to any health club and you will see exercise equipment for all muscle groups. In a way, all that read or write about faith are creating exercises for the Spirit. We are developing thoughts and ideas through writing or responding that help build healthy souls.

Today, I’m praying for my walk with God. It will be an amazing day because He is beside me all the way. We can all take courage and feel protected because we are a cherished child of His.

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6 Responses to Take Courage

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks for this encouraging post. God bless you 🙂


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