Ezekiel 7

Passage Lookup

List any videos you are reminded of as you read this passage. Here is a link to one for this reading. My hope is that it inspires you as you spend this day with God: Word of God Speak by MercyMe. Throughout the Bible we see that when God was with people, life was good. When they were separated, life was one big unexpected and demoralizing failure.

So far in the book of Ezekiel, God has been patient but now Ezekiel points out that the time is getting near for the day of destruction. Famine, war, and disease would result. Gold and silver and things of value would be carried away into Babylon.

A downfall is agonizing but what often happens is that it teaches the best lesson because the pain has been felt to the point that no one ever wants it again. Today, I’m taking note of just how bad things can be when God is not on our side and in prayer thanking God for what can’t be taken away; His love through Christ, hope for a better future, and our faith in a God that is in total control.

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