Matthew 16:1-12

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As we journey into this passage, we read about some dissension among the disciples because they forgot to bring food as they crossed the lake. Jesus told them to be more concerned about the lack of food from the Pharisees and Sadducees. The disciples didn’t get the lesson Jesus was trying to teach and rebukes them for their lack of faith. What He was trying to get them to focus on was to be on guard about the false teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Jesus had recently fed the five thousand with five loaves and the four thousand with seven loaves. He scolds the disciples because they had so little faith.

The lessons Jesus taught to the disciples continue to be applicable to us today. My pastor, Steve Ramsdell said in a sermon once that we should focus on the lessons learned from the Bible. They are like the plays that a quarterback has on his wrist band.  As we go through each day, we can practice these lessons, internalize them, and live an effective life.

I hope God blesses your day and continues to validate within you the beliefs that bring you to devotion. That He continues to help you learn from the Spirit of wisdom in the heart  where the mysteries of the universe are written and through its understanding  come enlightenment of God’s permanent principles.

Today, I’m praying for attention to what’s really important. Not on things that really don’t matter that much but on what Jesus teaches in the verses read today; that the one thing that really matters is my relationship with the Lord.

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