Matthew 15:21-39

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The earthly reason of Jesus in God’s plan was to help people. That’s exactly what He did and continues to do now and into the future. Take a few minutes to look at this video: We are the Reason by Avalon. My hope is that this video gives inspiration as you spend this day with God.

In the passage today, Jesus heals the sick and miraculously feeds the people who follow Him. He shows compassion for those who were hungry. He shows us how to have faith that God will provide if we humbly go to Him in prayer.

As Disciples of Christ, our role is to do what Jesus did. Show compassion toward others, teach them about God and help them believe that God will provide for their needs in this life and the one to come. Only one is perfect but this One covers for all. We can’t attain perfection but if we study, try to emulate, and share with others about Jesus, the eventuality is excellence.

Today, I’m asking God to increase my faith, pardon my skepticism at times, and teach me to live upon His fullness and reward for all things pertaining to this life and the one to come.

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