Matthew 14:1-21

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The most important aspect of life is our relationship with God. My prayer is that you will be blessed by this video: Indescribable by Chris Tomlin. My hope is that God continues to validate within you the beliefs that He is big enough for all your needs.

As I read today’s passage, I noted that people didn’t react favorably to Jesus in His hometown because He lacked some of the prerequisites of a religious leader for them. He was not a person of education but a tradesman who criticized the pastors and elders of the community. He performed healings, taught about a new kingdom of God, and most didn’t feel comfortable calling Him a friend or brother.

Then, Jesus got the terrible news of the beheading of John the Baptist by Herod as a reward for a worthless dance. But, when faced with difficulty, Jesus kept on going as He healed the sick. Then He performed the miracle of turning five loaves of bread and two fish into a meal for five thousand.

The lesson for me in this reading today is to look for a need, determine available resources, and expect God to multiply them. During difficulties, His indescribable might will help climb obstacles, go through them, or work around them. In prayer today, I’m thinking about the resources God has given me to minister to others. I’m thankful for a few computer skills and the desire to help others apply biblical principles to their everyday lives.

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