Matthew 14:22-36

Ivan Aivazovsky's painting Walking on Water (1888)

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Even though we are physically separated from God, all we need to do is take the first step of faith by calling to Him during difficulties. Special supports are promised so we can be upheld by His power. Peter wanted to walk on water like Jesus but began to fall and Jesus stretched out his arm to help. The lack of faith displeases the Lord. Even in stormy days, He is a very present help.

My pastor Steve Ramsdell once made a point in a sermon that to thrive in faith there’s no need to ask a lot of questions; simply trust, obey, follow, and be ready to follow Jesus. To be blessed with other points made in sermons and thoughts to share with others, click this link: Sermon Podcast.

A step of faith begins as one concentrates on the strength of God’s promises instead of personal weaknesses… on the support God gives rather than sinking into the obis of worldly affairs. I pray that God continues to validate within you the beliefs that lead to greater faith; that you concentrate on God’s powers instead of personal weaknesses. With faith in God’s promises, what was thought to be impossible becomes possible.

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