Matthew 10:24-33

Passage Lookup

The major strategy being taught in this passage is to be prepared for the worst but believe that God will help provide for the best. Christ foretold of troubles but be encouraged because we are not to be afraid of those who kill the body but not the soul.

A point my Pastor Steve Ramsdell made in a sermon is that God is big enough to be there when we need Him most. Christ said a helper will be sent  to be with us forever. We can count on God to help if afraid, discouraged, or tempted. Here is a link to my church’s podcast player for inspirational sermons anytime or any place: Sermon Podcast.

We can conquer trepidation by knowing that the soul can never be destroyed and we are never alone but with God who is more powerful than we can phantom. Pray today for the courage to conquer any fears. Listen and believe Jesus who is the voice of truth.

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