Matthew 10:1-15


Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Passage Lookup

Follow the example of Jesus. He rose early in the morning and spent His time with God before He spent His time with the “busyness” of His world. Christ gives us an example of great leadership. He understood about efficiency and put together his team of apostles to send out as His messengers to proclaim his kingdom.

Please receive this Word from God today. Pray for the understanding and willingness to follow the lessons taught. Pray for the ability to apply them to your own situation as you lead others. A person can’t go wrong when building Kingdom wealth. The investment is always less than what they earn, debts are paid for, and long term dividends are extremely high.

Here are two questions for reflection:

  • What general principles given here are applicable to your present situation?
  • How has this reading helped in your thinking about future possibilities?
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