Lamentations 2:14-22

Passage Lookup – Read or Listen

What has happened to the Lord’s chosen people? What is particularly devastating about the slaughter and deportation of the youth (See verse 1:18 and 2:21)?

This passage helps us to understand the consequences of wrong doing. One generation pays for the failing of another. In this passage, the children are dying in the streets by famine and young are falling by the sword because of the mistakes made in the prior generations.


Those following in our footsteps need us to make wise choices now to prepare them for the path; ways to help are God’s word, the Holy Spirit speaking in the heart, and experiences from the past. Here is a video that highlights these tools:
Word of God Speak – Mercy Me.  My hope is that it inspires you as you spend this day with God.

Today, it is up to leaders in our present generation to make good decisions for the future. Prayer can give relieve, a cure for every difficulty. In a part of your prayer today, ask that leaders today walk humbly before God so that a good foundation is laid for the future.

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