Jeremiah 47

Passage Lookup

What image depicts the destruction of the Philistines? How do you explain God’s use of pagan nations to accomplish his purposes? To what extent does he work in similar way today? Why?

This is what the Lord says in Jeremiah 47:2: “See how the waters are rising in the north; they will become an overflowing torrent. They will overflow the land and everything in it, the towns and those who live in them.”  Living by the principles found in the Bible is essential; they never let you down. Live, endure, and march on with the help of God whose angels protect from potential enemies.

Some things are just common sense. A husband doesn’t tell his wife that he’s going on a hunting trip on her birthday. He doesn’t tape a football game over their wedding video. To live a long and happy life, there are certain things he just doesn’t do.

Today, I’m trying to understand what to do. I’m thinking about certain things in my life that go against God and some steps I can take to get it right? I’m praying today for understanding and the ability to make the needed changes.

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