Bible Study

Reading for Today

Set some time aside; maybe 10 minutes each day for the next two days. Read Isaiah 49 using your Bible or the passage lookup tool: Passage Lookup. After reading the passage for today, click back and continue with the items below.   



Who is the servant and what is the servant’s assignment?



The Gaither Vocal Band



In disappointments, God will support and strengthen. In your prayer, be thankful for Christ who can enlighten and make us happy. Ask that God removes any hindrances, takes away any disappointments, and gives encouragement through the promises of the gospel. Rather than dwell on disappointments, see a path prepared where fear and doubt does not exist; a perfect place to be and sing together.

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1 Response to Bible Study

  1. LTG says:

    Isaiah prophesied about a servant who would be the instrument and author of eternal salvation. Jesus became that servant who prepared a path home where fear and doubt are never known.

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