This Week’s Devotional


At one time, Egypt was renowned for wisdom and science; yet as explained in Isaiah 19, this powerful nation became nothing without God. They didn’t learn from the past and continued going to their idols for help instead of going to God in prayer. They repeated the same old mistakes over and over instead of adhering to the lessons of the past.  


Many prophecies were conveyed against nations as described in Isaiah 20-21. During this time, many sought a secure place to escape God’s judgment. Today we know that the only escape is to make peace with God through Christ. Since we now know the plan, we can concentrate on what really matters; being thankful and realizing that prayer is our greatest power!  We can’t lose with God’s plan. We can step ahead, take a few chances, and proceed with poise because the clear way to victory has been provided through Jesus Christ. Sometime this week, expresses your thankfulness for this victory in a prayer.


Continuing through Isaiah 22, reforms were demanded. Like reforms for a nation or any organization going in the wrong direction, sometimes there is a need to make changes as individuals. Each day is a new day to take action at making yesterdays work better. Take inspiration from this video: Gentle Shepherd by Gaither Vocal Band.  Each day, a person can change for the better because they have past experiences to learn from. They can go to God in prayer, set up a successful plan together, and carry it out with determination.


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