This Week’s Devotional


As I continued my journey through 2 Kings, I read about one king named Jehu who tried to improve society for the better. Jehu reigned for twenty eight years and as recorded in 2 Kings 10, set out to rid his kingdom of idol worship. His efforts pleased God but Jehu was inconsistent in other areas; therefore the potential of his people and his kingdom where not fully realized.


There are many examples today of leaders that have good ideas but are inconsistent or they just don’t follow through. As I look back on my own life, there are some inconsistencies that held me back. I wish I would have been more involved in youth activities at my church growing up. There are so many resources that churches can give to young people. Other things like using my time wisely and studying harder in high school would’ve also helped.


I’ve gotten in touch with some old high school friends recently on facebook. It’s going on 30 years now since I graduated. Sometimes I think my best days are behind me but then I think about it for a while and realize I’m way off base. There’s a lot to look forward to; there’s still time to help others; to be a father, an uncle, or mentor. There’s a video I found that talks about the need to keep working and looking ahead. Here’s the link: Not Home Yet by Steven Curtis Chapman. I can look forward to the day when God calls me home but I’m not home yet. With the time I have left, I hope I can be a good example and hand off some knowledge, skills, and resources to the next group or generation.


I watch very little TV nowadays except for sports. If I get any spare time, I’ll go on facebook or look for videos that might give some encouragement. I came across a video of the coach’s halftime speech in the movie “Any Given Sunday”. The team was behind and the coach needed to get his players fired up for the second half. He tells them that it was up to them to climb their way back into the game inch by inch. He said that a team that fights for every inch will win. The players start to get fired up. You can see it in their eyes and they run out of the locker room ready to claw their way back into the game inch by inch. If all Christians would fight for every inch together, there would be no limits to what we could do.


Sometimes a picture or video can tell a story better than words. Our church uses multi-media within our worship service. I started helping run the computer for the 10:50 service a few years back. Recently, I began a hobby of looking for photos or videos in my spare time that tie together thoughts from Bible readings. They help to highlight a lesson that can be learned from a chapter or part of a chapter. This week’s photo helps to sum up what 2 Kings 10 means to me. Link photo of the week.


Sometime this week, think about the things that encourage you. What is it that makes you keep working hard and looking to the future? What is it that makes you want to fight for every inch? What is it that makes you want to finish each day, each week, and each year strong? In your prayers, thank God for these things and ask for His continued support.    




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