Thoughts From Personal Bible Study

My favorite Bible reading this past week was from 2 Samuel 2. I tried to learn the principle of guidance as I read verses 1-2. I also looked at a video to help inspire more about who to go to for guidance just like David did in this reading. Here is the link: Gentle Shepherd – Gaither Vocal Band.

Going to the right person and doing the right things gave David success and doing the same can lead each of us to success so use the greatest power by asking help from God in Jesus name. Trust, be patient, and listen; God can see the big picture and answer with guidance.


  • To listen to past sermons or to the radio ministry, click FUMC Waco 
  • Click on the Pastor’s Podcast link
  • Click podcast for the sermon you would like to hear
  • You can click on PDF to see the sermon notes or click on play audio to listen
  • Take a look at photo of the week or at the multi-media study guide worksheet in the study guides SkyDrive folder above 
  • Send a comment or email any thoughts or prayers to


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