Talking about Thoughts From Sermon

I liked the points that “Methodism is transforming” and “Growing in Faith is the goal”. LTG is a place where we can hammer and hone our principles. We can take Bible principles and make them practical. Then we can use these principles in everything we do. It may be at home with our families, it may be at work, or it may be in helping the needy.


The point I liked about last week’s sermon was how John Wesley took the church to the people. It’s kind of like Pastor Steve’s approach with the ipod ministry. This gives our church a way with technology to take the church to where people are.


You may know someone at work or in your neighborhood that might want to get together with you for a short time once a week. There is no set way to do it. Pray about it and be open to the Spirit leading. The goal is growing in faith. You may want to give them the link to the ipod, print out the sermon outline, and go through the points; highlighting the ones you can apply at work, within your family, or within your community.



Thoughts From Sermon

To listen to past sermons or to the radio ministry, click here. 


  1. Click on the Pastor’s Podcast link
  2. Click podcast for the sermon you would like to hear
  3. You can click on PDF to see the sermon notes or click on play audio
  4. Add your own blog entry, comment, or email any thoughts or prayers to

You can also listen to music by clicking on the Radio Worship tab at the top of the podcast.



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