Reflect the Light

When the Son of God shines on you my friend, you cannot help but reflect the light and provide some sunshine into the lives of others. Today, we are reading Judges 14. We read that Samson’s basis for choosing a wife differs from that of his parents. Samson’s parents had followed instructions from God but Samson ignored advice in choosing a wife. He desired a Philistine woman who was not approved by his parents or by God.

He made a bet with his wife’s people that they could not get the answer to the riddle stated in verse 14.

Out of the eater, something to eat;

   Out of the strong, something sweet.

The winner of the bet would receive clothes and linen but they could not figure out the answer to the riddle so they asked Samson’s wife to coax him into giving her the answer. Samson gave in to his wife and told her the answer to the riddle. She then told her people as stated in verse 18.

What is sweeter than honey?

   What is stronger than a lion?

Samson felt betrayed and was filled with anger. The Spirit of the Lord then came powerfully upon Samson and he struck down thirty men, stripped them of everything, and gave their clothes as payment to those who had explained the riddle.

We face times when people pressure us or coax us into saying things or doing things that harm us. We then are filled with anger but it is during these times that we can go to God in prayer. Our prayer will restore our faith and we can still have optimism because of God’s plan for us. Hold on to the promises of God my friends and incredible blessings that are sweeter than honey will be in our future!

This day with You Lord, we know that each day will get better and better. There is eternity to look forward but right now there is available to us an amazing power that sets us free. We are favored in Your eyes and this thought changes our day because if we face confusion or frustration today, You will step in to provide the sweet eternal victory.

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Focused on the Way

The nation of Israel got into trouble every time they resisted the leadership of Moses and Aaron. We can take this lesson of history to help us see …

Focused on the Way
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Questions for Reflection for Study of Judges 14-21

We live in a busy world with busy schedules and being able to share some thoughts about this journey with others across this world through the Internet is truly a blessing. The below Questions for Reflection will stimulate thought and offer ideas for applying biblical principles at work, at home, and in all we do.

Judges 14 – How does Samson’s basis for choosing a wife differ from that of his parents? How does God continue to be the victor in Samson’s life even though he yields to pressure? What ways has God given you victory over pressured crises?

Judges 15 – What policy have the Jews adopted in regard to their suppression under the Philistines? How is Samson able to take a different stand than they have and defy the Philistines? Can you share an experience when you asked God to meet a need of yours?

Judges 16 – How does the nature of Samson’s relationship with Delilah set the stage for his enticement by her? What is the source of Samson’s strength? How is Samson’s final prayer related to God’s purpose in his life? How can you pray according to God’s purposes in your life?

Judges 17 – What is the recurring phrase in this passage (See also 17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25)? What is your definition of an idol? What do you think about the actions of the mother, Micah, and the Levite? Do you ever feel that your relationships to others will prosper you?

Judges 18 – How does this incident give you specific information about the relationship of the Jews to their priests in this period of history? Who is responsible for the victory at Laish? How does the Danites’ behavior after the victory show their token relationship to God? What is your relationship with God in your daily life and special undertakings?

Judges 19 – How was the life of the unemployed Levite? What is the value placed on hospitality? What effect does removing Godly principles from a society have?

Judges 20 – How effective is the Levites’ communication of the disaster that has corrupted Israel? What progression in the people’s dependency on God takes place here? In what ways are you dependent on God in your daily battles?

Judges 21 – How do the people get their guidance about the problem of wives for the Benjamites? Have the people learned anything about depending on God? What is the religious atmosphere of your society? What have you learned from Judges about the necessity of obedience to God and the consequences of rejection of God?

Feel free to respond with a short note or a comment about any of the questions above. Also, I welcome any other thoughts or ideas, favorite inspirational videos, photos, or favorite Bible verses. Just add them to the comments.

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To store up thoughts that are good for the soul, listen to a sermon. Download the free app in the App Store or on Google Play. Look for First Waco.

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Spiritual Journey through Judges 8-13

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to apply the word found in Judges 8-13 and sharing some thoughts that not only can benefit you now but also help the next generation too! The greatest of all possessions one can hand off to future generations are the guiding principles taught by Christ Jesus.

The post “Coming Together” highlighted how Gideon overcame adversity throughout his life to do great things for God. As leader, his people achieved their aims and stepped ahead of their enemies. He then gave credit to God for all the victories.

A thought from the post “The Boomerang Effect” was that getting what you want in the wrong way is short term and inconsistent. History tells us that there is usually a negative boomerang effect. On the other hand, kindness is never wasted as it will wear well and be remembered.

Highlighted in the post “Listen and Follow” is that it takes no effort for bad habits like a lack of focus, discipline, faith, etc. to zap your energy so the bad habits set in. There is separation from God but there is a way to reconnect. Because of Christ, you can be recharged and are just one step away from doing the amazing!

Thoughts obtained from the post “Courage to Step Ahead” can help you apply your faith. With grit, determination, and a focus on God who fights for you, things once thought impossible can become possible. Once proven possible, others will join in on the path to victory.

The post “Aspire to Apply the Word” offered some thoughts on growing spiritually, being at peace with God, and being a leader in sharing good thoughts for the soul. Writing and sharing with others gets the Good News out to the world and is useful not only for yourself but to those that read your posts.

Highlighted in the post “Grow and Gather Strength” is encouragement towards your calling as you use your individual strengths for God’s glory. God uses the combined strengths of those on His team to carry out His purpose.

Keep up with my spiritual journey over the next few weeks either through following this blog or the Facebook page I’ve set up at this link: This Day With God – A Spiritual Journey. Let’s share thoughts or ideas about applying our faith so we step ahead along the path to victory.

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Use Your Strengths

Each one should use whatever gift they have received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:10

Highlighted in the post “Grow and Gather Strength” is encouragement towards our calling as we use our individual strengths for God’s glory. God uses all our strengths to carry out His purpose.

Take inspiration from the song You Say by Lauren Daigle to face the challenges of today. Don’t believe in the lies of this world that tell us we will never measure up but listen to God who tells us that we have what it takes. He will give us the strength we need to handle the concerns, doubts, and worries of today in order to take on the challenges of the future.

Index of devotionals

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