Poetry Friday 01-27-2022

A poem posted at my other blog Step Ahead is inspired by the post Focus on the Way which pointed out that once Joshua died, the Israelites lacked leadership and lost their way. The judges helped the people to understand the Way of the Lord but upon the death of a judge, the people would fall back to their destructive habits.

Today, we have the Bible to instruct us in the Way. We also have the example of Jesus who showed us the Way and the Holy Spirit to provide the power to follow the Way.

Here is a video of our leader today. Enjoy the song Here is our King by David Crowder Band. The Way of Jesus gets us back on track, helps fix our eyes on what is important, and to be the people we need to be with total focus on an eternal paradise beyond what could be imagined.  

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Goodness From A Good Heart

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. –  Luke 6:45

When I think of goodness from a good heart, I get the picture of Lincoln after the Civil war and during reconstruction. It is during times of conflict that we need to pray, stay on God’s path, and trust in God’s care.

One lesson from “Our Words During Confrontation“ is that when there is conflict in the situations we go through, have faith that God has everything in control. Maintain composure, say what needs to be said, and try to get everyone on the same page.

The lyrics to the song Words by Hawk Nelson has some of these same thoughts in mind. Words can build us up or break us down. Have an amazing day as Holy Spirit prompts you in the words you say!

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Our Words During Confrontation

Reading today in 2 Samuel 19, there is much confrontation. During confrontation, the words we use carry so much power because they can build up or tear down. Using the right words can give a lift in a time of need. Using the wrong words can cause people to go their separate ways and cause disunity.

Instead of celebrating a victory gained in a war, we note that David was mourning the death of Absalom his son who was killed in the battle. Things don’t always work out how we want and that’s when we need someone that will lift us up or set us straight instead of bringing us further down. That person for David was Joab who confronted David about his downcast mood.

Joab advised David to go out and thank his men for their hard fought victory. To give them encouragement or else they may feel as though David didn’t appreciate them and leave by nightfall (v. 7). One lesson from today’s passage is that when there is conflict created in the situations we go through, have faith that God has everything in control. Maintain composure, say what needs to be said, and try to get everyone on the same page.

Another issue faced is the national problem that we note in today’s passage because Israel had anointed Absalom as king. There was arguing among themselves (v. 9). Also, there was a rivalry between Israel and Judah which complicated things even further. It is during times of conflict that we should pray, stay on God’s path, and trust in God’s care.

This day with You Lord, we need a heart of faith, the courage to confront others but have a forgiving heart. We ask today, that in our confrontations, we say what needs to be said in a tactful way. Help us give advice and guidance in a loving way so what You want is carried out. Amen.

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Accept The Help

Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies. – Psalm 60:11-12

David and his son Absalom were at war. We noted the character of David in “Love is the Key”. He was willing to accept the help of his men. To take their advice and not let self-pride get in the way. On the other hand, David’s son Absalom let self-pride control his decisions.

This day with God, take the pressure off yourself and accept the help. Let’s begin by listening to the song My Victory by Crowder and make the words from the lyrics your words. Remember love is the key. Use this key to open up your thinking today. Say to yourself throughout this day that Jesus’s love bled for me. A cross meant to kill is my victory!

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Love Is The Key

We can use technology to make a positive impact on our life. Just a click away are scriptures, sermons, Christian blogs, and uplifting music. To help win battles in life, we need to hear more of the uplifting, the amazing, and courageous so we are inspired in the present and ready to step ahead into an incredible future. This day, let us step ahead using God’s plan for us.  

In 2 Samuel 18, we discover that love is the key to delivering victory. Gentleness is love’s forgetfulness, goodness is love’s character, and self-control is love’s restraint on revenge. Even though his son Absalom had done David wrong and was trying to take over as king, David wanted to spare his life.

David organized his troops to go up against his son’s army. David wanted to be on the front lines of the battle but his men told him not to march with them into battle because the enemy would go after him since he was worth more to the enemy than all the other men put together(v. 3).

David listened to his men and would give support from behind the city gates. On the other hand, Absalom’s self-pride caused him to fight on the front lines. Nothing is done very well if self-pride is the only motivator. David was willing to take advice and consider what’s best for the whole group. It takes the pressure off if we get help from the others on our side.

The battle took place in the forest of Ephraim (v. 6). David’s men routed Absalom’s men as twenty thousand of Absaloms’ men were killed. Running away on his horse, Absalom’s hair got caught in the tree and the horse kept going. He was hanging in a tree when one of David’s men saw him (v. 10). He didn’t lay a hand on Absalom because he remembered that David said to spare his life.

Reading on, Joab kills Absalom even against David’s orders. Remember how Joab had reunited Absalom with David after Absalom had been banished for killing his brother. There was some animosity because Absalom had set Joab’s field on fire. Maybe as payback for what he had done to David but maybe also for Absalom’s lack of appreciation to Joab for his help.

This day with You Lord, we appreciate the help of others. We set out today considering what is best for all involved in the decisions we make. There are enemies we face but with You, these enemies will be defeated. We accept the assistance we get from others but most of all, the help received in the Holy Spirit gained because of Jesus. We have faith that there is victory in our future because of Jesus’s blood shed on the cross and it is in His name we pray today. Amen.

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