Spiritual Journey Through Psalms 64-72

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at ways to apply the word found in Psalms 64-72 and sharing some thoughts that not only can benefit you now but also help the next generation too! The greatest of all possessions one can hand off to future generations are the guiding principles taught from the Word of God.

Reflecting on Psalm 64, simple truths are so powerful. The thought is that both electricity and words can be dangerous but are very useful if channeled for the right purpose.  Words used as lies become weapons for the enemy and electricity can kill if not handled in the proper way.

Reading the song of praise in Psalm 65, the goodness of God brings rain showers to grow the crops for the harvest. In a similar fashion, worship and praise affirms a future in which God’s plan for us will grow the fruits of the Spirit.

The stimulus for the call to praise in Psalm 66-67 is looking back at the past and what good things God has done so this gives enthusiasm going forward. It attracts others to walk by faith, put their hope in God, and accept God’s mercy through the loving gift of His son.

A takeaway from Psalm 68:1-18 is that God’s divine design provides direction and protection as we walk in faith.

This day with God, believe you have home field advantage as brought out in reading Psalm 68:19-35 and know there is victory through our Lord.

We can do what David does in Psalm 69 in the situations we face. Life can be disappointing with things that you have no control over and things in your past that weigh you down but God has a way to lighten the load. So during adversity, keep hoping and believing that God will pull you up out of the deep waters.

Reading in Psalm 70, David’s appeal to God was made because he was in a difficult time as his enemies thought they had him where they wanted him. The challenges and decisions that require urgent resolutions are more easily handled if proper preparations are made. Prayer and listening to God through His word prepares you to make quick decisions with a plan of action.

A takeaway from Psalm 71 is that hope has a name, and its name is Jesus, so never get down in difficulty for a new day comes around. Remember what Jesus went through on the cross. Remember the many things people have gone through but have come out stronger on the other side. Hand over to the next generation an optimistic future shaped by your hope.

The major point of Psalm 72 is that a nation under God brings justice, protection, and longevity to its people. It is one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. God blesses the nation with prosperity throughout the land with resources available to take care of the needy and afflicted.  

God helps individuals and nations when they help themselves so as in the song Come Let Us Return to the Lord by Matt Redman, let us have confidence that things fall into place by accepting His grace. Because of the Savior, there is a change in behavior so let us follow where He leads and do good deeds. As we accept the truth, teach our youth in God’s ways, and give Him praise.

The road map is at this link and all who accept Jesus will be rewarded because God’s kingdom has abundance, and the Spirit has no limit! The blessings consist of a future with provision, purpose, peace, and a perfect place for you that is beyond what could be imagined.

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  1. Amen. “God brings justice, protection, and longevity to its people.”

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