One Nation Under God

This is what the Lord says: Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed. –  Isaiah 56:1

A major point from “Resources Available” is that a nation under God brings justice, protection, and longevity to its people. The nation is under God with liberty and justice for all. God blesses the nation with prosperity throughout the land with resources available to take care of the needy and afflicted.  

God helps individuals and nations when they help themselves so as in the song Come Let Us Return to the Lord by Matt Redman, let us have confidence that things fall into place by accepting His grace. Because of the Savior, there is a change in behavior so let us follow where He leads and do good deeds. As we accept the truth, teach our youth in God’s ways, and give Him praise.

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3 Responses to One Nation Under God

  1. This is perfect! “Because of the Savior, there is a change in behavior so let us follow where He leads and do good deeds.”


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  2. Alton Costa says:

    What a joy to have God fearing leaders leading a nation, open the eyes of our leaders Lord so that they will come to know you in a real way, this I pray and declare in Jesus Name.


  3. ladysheepdog says:

    I’m not sure what we are expecting, because King David was righteous and had a heart toward God. His life was filled with so much scandal its like reading current day tabloids.


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