Call To Praise

The stimulus for the call to praise in Psalm 66-67, is looking back at the past and what good things God has done so this gives enthusiasm going forward. Let us all be encouraged today as a child of God and live with enthusiasm. Live each day knowing He is with us always and knowing the future with God will be beyond what could be imagined.

God is related to Israel’s history since the beginning as He brought the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt. He parted the Red Sea so Moses and the people could escape to a land flowing with milk and honey where there would be peace and prosperity.

Other nations would witness what God had done for Israel and know that God would do it for them too if they would be a nation under Him. This day with God, let us consider God’s nature and review His activity in the world with the hope that this would inspire enthusiasm towards a future of following His way.

By reflecting on the joys of the past, we can get excited for what is to come about and be thankful for the path laid out. If we are excited about what God is doing in our life, those around us will get excited about what God can do in their lives.

The desire is to attract others to walk by faith, put their hope in God, and accept God’s mercy through the loving gift of His son. This fulfills the Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20) of taking the gospel to all nations.

This day with You Lord, we can remember the joys of the past and we are excited about what You will be doing in the future. You were there with Moses to part the Red Sea and You are with us now to help us get through anything. We can patiently handle difficulties with poise because we know there is freedom and victory in our future. Amen.

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3 Responses to Call To Praise

  1. ladysheepdog says:

    patiently handle difficulties with poise – that’s good. I’m not at 100%, but I am working my way there.

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