Handle With Care

We learn very early in life that fire burns and that you sink in deep water. Many times, it’s the simple ideas that seem to be overlooked in favor of the more complex. Simple thoughts and ideas can result in amazing discoveries. Think of Ben Franklin’s kite experiment and the idea that lightening contained electricity. By using a kite along with a piece of wire, he demonstrated the electrical nature of lightning. We also know that when electricity is not handled with care, a person can be electrocuted.

People must be handled with care too. Reading today in Psalm 64, the people that David had trusted betrayed him and he was a hunted man. Probably written at the time of the Absalom rebellion, David’s enemies used slander as their weapon.

David reacts towards his enemies schemes and assaults with confidence in God because he knew God could turn their words against them and bring them to ruin. There are only 26 letters in our alphabet yet arranging these letters into words can be extremely powerful so they need to be handled with care. Think about it: All the lyrics to songs and all the books written were formed from these 26 letters of the alphabet.

When wounded by bitter words, our major concern must be that we hold our composure and channel our anger in the right way. Like David, go to God in prayer and let Him fight our battles. Depend on God for wisdom in the words to say and the actions to take.

We are grateful for Your Word Lord for it is powerful. We learn at an early age that we sink in deep water and that some things we touch are hot. It’s these simple truths that have so much power. Like electricity which can kill, we pray that we handle our words with care. We depend on the wisdom from Your Word Lord to guide our steps and are thankful for Your grace. With grace, we come to You to gain wisdom in order to live the way life is meant to be lived. Your Word gives us the way to a beautiful life and healthy life. Help us to use Your Word in the proper way. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Amen. “Simple thoughts and ideas can result in amazing discoveries. ”


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