Praise for Our Days

God is concerned 
For our well-being 
And all His creation;
His love is so freeing.

He turns winter of life
Into a new spring;
Thawing out coldness;
New growth He brings. 

The Holy Spirit
Like the wind blowing,
Stirs up the rains of spring;
The rivers are flowing.

It is good to praise God 
Because when our hope 
Is in His unfailing love; 
We can more than cope.

There is wonder,
There is security,
And we reward God
With spiritual maturity.

Praise Him for creation;
Various parts of earth;
The moon and stars;
The miracle of birth.

Praise Him for angels;
Sea creatures and birds;
From valleys to mountains;
With His inspiring Words.

Over a high vista
As we look out.
The beauty of Creation
Makes us shout.

The blue water 
Of a still ocean;
The beauty of a sunset;
Sparking emotion.

We praise Him in music, 
Praise Him through art, 
In everything we do
He gives us a great start. 

Through His Creation
And through His Word,
There are lessons learned,
Knowledge transferred.

To help with priority;
Provide our daily bread. 
To give us inspiration
As we step ahead.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 3-25-2022
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6 Responses to Praise for Our Days

  1. ChallEngEr says:

    Beautiful praise of His work!!


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