The Winning Tradition Relayed to the Next Generation

The world has a way of making us feel that we are not good enough to win the race. We’re not fast enough, skilled enough to make it, or maybe not able to catch on to that new concept like others do. If thoughts like this come to mind, remember that with God, there is no need to get stressed out. He makes up the difference and provides that extra we need to end each day a step ahead as we cross the finish line victorious.

Reading today in Psalm 49, the psalmist is directing thoughts at the people of this world. The purpose is to help them gain understanding in the fact that those who are rich will die just like those who are poor. Death is the great equalizer because all will face a physical death and no amount of money can buy immortality.

The psalmist’s confidence is not in riches or wealth but in the understanding of God’s Way. That we should spend our time on building up spiritual treasures and sharing our faith with others rather than spending all our time making money or gaining worldly wealth.

We know today that God’s Way can be followed with His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Accepting Jesus provides a way of life eternal for all. The wisdom and understanding of God’s plan will help overcome fear because there is confidence in reaching the finish line as a victor. We can relax because God has set things up so that victory is assured.

This day with God, we gain wisdom and understanding in our faith which is similar to an athletic working out with physical exercise for the physical body. Instead of building muscle for our physical body, we are stepping ahead to build up our faith and developing a winning tradition. We pass this winning tradition on to others with an unstoppable hope and gain more victories with each person that accepts the love of God in Christ.

Lord … the world has a way of putting us down. We feel inferior to others at times as we battle in life, but the Good News is that we are building up our confidence and we can see a victory because we are not in this battle alone. By accepting Your love, we can celebrate like champions the victory being handed down from generation to generation. In Jesus name … Amen.

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  1. Here is an important point. “The psalmist’s confidence is not in riches or wealth but in the understanding of God’s Way.”


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