Score Some Touchdowns

A good game plan is so important to winning in sports. A team will set out to execute the game plan in practice. Similarly in life, a purpose and plan is important. No one wins all the time because some are hamstrung … some are hobbled but with Jesus, all are upright and all is won so see the victory. You will never fail as grace will give power for you to prevail.

Today as we read Job 33, we set out to score some touchdowns by executing the game plan of God’s Word. We’ve noted that Job’s past included a large family and significant wealth.  In his past, he rescued the poor and the fatherless, and was the father of the needy. People listened to his advice but now he has lost everything. He believes God is against him and considers him an enemy (v. 10).

Job’s friends are trying to help but they haven’t established contact with Job’s situation. They believe Job is being punished for some wrongdoing but Elihu seems to establish some contact with Job’s situation in today’s passage. Elihu had been sitting back all this time and had been listening to the conversation with the other friends. Elihu now wants to represent Job before God and enlighten Job with wisdom by speaking from the Spirit of God (v. 4).

This chapter teaches that God is the one that initiates our actions. We can seek wisdom through a close relationship with the Lord and by understanding His Word. Elihu speaks of dreams and visions (v. 15) and today we have the Word to help with instructions that push us into action.

The progression in restoring people from the depths of trials and suffering starts with God. Then we have our own facts and truth from the past. Most of all, we can pray and listen for solutions. Answers can come during reflection, through our trials, and through other people who can possibly help with words of encouragement or the wisdom from their own experiences.

God speaks to us even through books, movies, and music. I remember watching the movie “Something for Joey” about Heisman trophy winner Joe Cappalletti who was inspired by his little brother Joey who battled Leukemia. One game, Joey asked John to score 4 touchdowns for his birthday and he did. My friend, Jesus wants us to score some touchdowns.

Lord, this day help us to score some touchdowns. We don’t want to be just a fan but we want to get in the game. Help us to give it our all for the team. Lord, in life we face trials and hardships and think it’s impossible for getting a win but the Good News is that we have a Savior who can rescue us from defeat and bring victory!

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  1. This is it: “Jesus wants us to score some touchdowns.”


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  2. chaddamitz says:

    I like what you said here: “The progression in restoring people from the depths of trials and suffering starts with God.” That’s absolutely true. People need to know God in order to properly heal and be restored.

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