Spirit Will Be Aflame

This day with God, start a fire in your heart and soul. Let is spread and for nothing will remain the same since the Spirit will be aflame. We’ve been on a spiritual journey through the book of Job which is about a man who once had it all; health, wealth, family, and respect among his peers. Then he lost it all!

Job’s friends believe he is being punished but Job says he has done nothing wrong. In Job 32, we are introduced to another person named Elihu who had been sitting back listening to the conversation. Elihu’s became angry because Job had justified himself as righteous and the friends had not found a way to refute Job so Elihu began to speak. He had been silent because he was younger and thought wisdom was in those older who had experienced the things of this world.

He couldn’t hold back any longer with what he wanted to say and brings up a new thought to the conversation. He said maybe God brings suffering not to punish us but to keep us from sinning in the future. Elihu says that it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding (v. 8).

The thought for me in reflection on today’s passage is that the world brings us much to be thankful for but also brings much hardship like Job faced. If we can work at putting things into perspective, I think we gain some advantage. Daily going to God’s Word, reflection, and prayer help us understand that at the end of this life on earth, a new improved life is waiting for each of us. So today, let’s get excited about the right now and enthusiastically make each day in the future better than the past.

 We are grateful each day Lord because we get to study Your Word and gain wisdom. We enthusiastically seek Your excellence and truth. Help us overcome the mediocrity and deception of the things of this world and fan the flame within our heart so it warms the soul of many. Amen.

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3 Responses to Spirit Will Be Aflame

  1. Amen! “Let is spread and for nothing will remain the same since the Spirit will be aflame.”

    Blessings for a stunning day in paradise.

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