Hearts on Fire

Our aim as followers of Christ is to keep in mind that our redeemer lives. With this thought in mind, believers have a passion for doing what is beneficial for all because the Holy Spirit is aflame.  Even in difficulty, our past can be set aside and we can look forward to better days ahead as we work together with hearts on fire for the Lord.

Reading today in Job 19, we note that Job thinks the source of his troubles come directly from God who has drawn his net around him (v. 6), blocked his way (v. 8), and uprooted his hope like a tree (v. 10). Job says the hand of God has struck him (v. 21).

The attitude of everyone around Job like his family and friends was negative. They see him as a stranger, he’s offensive, and they detest him. Job was in a bad place in life. He didn’t know that it was Satan causing all his problems yet he had faith in his redeemer.

Job says this in verse 25, “I know that my redeemer lives”. This thought makes all the difference because when we believe our redeemer lives, we can enthusiastically build a brighter future. This day with God, take inspiration from the poem below.

Step Ahead to Victory 

Step Ahead to victory
Receiving the power 
Of the Holy Spirit
For every hour. 

An amazing power
To make things right
With strength that provides
Unlimited might. 

With unity 
Working as one
Towards victory 
Because of the Son.  

This day with You Lord, we have faced difficulties in the past and we will face difficulties in the future but it makes all the difference when we know that You are with us. You are pushing us ahead as we set aside the past and enthusiastically look forward to a brighter future together when we make it to the finish line. Amen

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3 Responses to Hearts on Fire

  1. Amen! This is it: “I know that my redeemer lives”


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