There is one common thread that binds us; the power of Christ in what we believe and how we live. This day, let us accept the stream of grace that keeps flowing and have sympathy for those in need. That brings us together as we start our day with reflection. Today, we are reading Job 15 and reflecting in order to gain lessons that we can apply in life.

We note that Eliphaz criticizes Job but as learned earlier in our study of this book, he doesn’t understand why Job is going through the problems before him. Job became a target of Satan because Satan believed that God gave Job all he had but God knew who Job was so he allowed Job to be tested. Satan was allowed to cause bad to happen to Job so Job lost his family, his livestock, and his property. Then, he is afflicted with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head (Job 3:7). 

In a deep state of despair, Job is going through anguish and misery. Eliphaz makes the mistake of seeing Job in this difficulty and thinking he is being punished by God. Like Eliphaz, we can’t see the heart of someone else. What we should assume is that everyone is forgiven and accepted by God through the love of Christ.

Eliphaz believes the wicked suffer but is that really true? In this world, it seems that sinful activities do not bring suffering but many times bring short term gain to some as they live out their time on earth in luxury, fame, or wealth.

What is essential to know is that the gain is only in the short term. Moral shortcuts were taken to gain rewards during their earthly life but they end up not getting to the final destination. To get to the final destination, there is only one way and that is to accept and follow Jesus.

This day with You Lord, we set out to build up and encourage. We want to unify around Your winning game plan in which grace has entered in. We accept Your mercy and the blood of Christ sets us free. Amen.

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3 Responses to Sympathy

  1. This is it: “What we should assume is that everyone is forgiven and accepted by God through the love of Christ.”

    Thanks for the insight.

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