Physician of the Soul

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Our mind is in a constant battle with negative thoughts and attitudes of this world that tear us down but the Word of God penetrates our soul so healing can begin. This day with God, let us step ahead into another passage of the Word as we seek to build up our mind, body, and spirit.

Reading today in Job 12-13, Job is frustrated with his friends because they are giving advice that he already knows. He feels his friends do not respect him and look down on him. He wants them to listen and show some sympathy but they only see his suffering and believe it is his fault for his situation. He thinks their life of comfort explains their lack of sympathy.

A prescription for frustration is taking in God’s Word, praying, and listening to the Holy Spirit. If we can implement these activities into our daily routine, we build up an immunity to frustration. In a way, these activities are like daily exercises that build muscles of faith which stay strong and continue to build forever to help in times of worry or anger.

A good example to follow from today’s passage is the courageous assurance that Job had. He felt assured that he would be delivered from his circumstances. We can be assured too because the Physician of our soul knows what our basic needs are now and into eternity. Unlike our physical body, an added benefit of building up our faith is that it stays with us forever and never breaks down like the muscles of the physical body.

Lord, You are the physician of our soul. Your Word fills us with thoughts of peace and joy. We read Your Word on a regular basis, pray for a healthy spirit, and know that grace will enter in to medicate our soul. Amen.

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  1. Here is a great insight. Thanks! “A prescription for frustration is taking in God’s Word, praying, and listening to the Holy Spirit.”


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