As this poem emphasizes, being liked and well thought of is short term but the victory for the causes of Christ is everlasting.

Step Ahead

To handle strife,
Build your life
On solid principles
That are invincible.

If thrown into fire
And things look dire,
You can keep pace
And finish the race.

There may be pressure 
But it becomes lesser
Since there’s a path
Away from the wrath.

In every endeavor
Forever … forever
Things fall in place
Because of grace.

Into your prime,
Throughout a lifetime
And even beyond
With Christ your bond.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-07-2022
Inspired by “Choose What Will Last Forever” Photo – The remains of an old Fort near Abilene Texas called Fort Phantom Hill. The only structures still standing are the stone fire places and the stone jail house. The rest of the fort was destroyed by a fire. Thought – Stone will last a lifetime and beyond. Being liked and well thought of is only short term but the victory for the…

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