Blessed Day Following the Way

This day with God, we follow the Way and believe. We are thankful for His provision; grateful for all we receive. Today, we are reading Ruth 4 and planning this day knowing that extraordinary things will happen because of our obedience to the Way.

Boaz went to the town gate which is the center of social and communal life during those times to work out the legal procedure where the next of kin would redeem the land and property of Naomi. An agreement was made in the presence of elders that the guardian-redeemer would buy the land.

But once the guardian-redeemer found out that marrying Ruth who was the daughter-in-law of Naomi was a part of the agreement, he decided not to take on the responsibility so Boaz who was next in line said he would buy the property from Naomi and take Ruth as his wife.

The kinsman didn’t take Ruth fearing damage to his family name or inheritance but Boaz stepped up to meet the needs of Ruth. We know how Ruth had given up her own home, her country, and family in order to go God’s way. There was sacrifice and cost for both Ruth and Boaz but God was active in their life.

Since God was active in their life and they were obedient to His way, they were rewarded beyond measure. Born to them was a son who became a part of the lineal ancestor of Christ. At the end of this book is the genealogy which points out that their son named Obed was the grandfather of David.

All that matters is that we do what God wants us to do so if we listen and get direction from God and follow His Way, what we thought would be ordinary becomes extraordinary and we are rewarded beyond our imagination!

Following Your Way Lord brings joy and peace in our life. All the books of the Bible form the most joyful book in the world. There is a wonderful ending just like today’s passage in which Boaz takes Ruth as his wife. Their child becomes the grandfather of David and in Your lineage. Our Lord and Savior, You take what seems to be ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. Amen.

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3 Responses to Blessed Day Following the Way

  1. Amen. Very strong message this morning. This is it: “All that matters is that we do what God wants us to do so if we listen and get direction from God and follow His Way”

    It is all about obedience.

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