Patience During Difficulty

This poem emphasizes the importance of reading from the Bible each day to gain resources for life. These resources are like treasure for our spiritual wealth as they provide for our needs and stay securely with us forever as a resource to step ahead.

Step Ahead

Facing the enemy
Who provides only strife
And sets me back
With hardships in life.

I never give up
Or become complacent
But just inspired
And always patient.

I keep on praying
And keep being spurred
As I keep on reading
God’s sacred Word. 

It keeps me going
With food for the soul
To meet my needs
And make me whole.

This day I take in
My daily bread
A resource forever
To help step ahead.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-2-2021
Inspired by
“Patience During Difficulty”
Thoughts – After being baptized, Jesus was subjected to the harsh environment of the wilderness and tempted by Satan for forty days. Knowing that Jesus underwent this prolonged experience in utter loneliness inspires us to be patient in difficulty.

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