Prepared to Fulfill Our Purpose

This day with God, we will be led by His word and this will allow us to think about ways to apply our faith so we will be prepared to fulfill our purpose. Things will seem to fall in place and we will get a lot more done than we ever imagined. As we read 1 Samuel 16, the plan is to use the following questions to stimulate thought and come up with ideas for applying God’s word in our life so that the pathway to our future is clear.

Does the Lord answer Samuel’s question and objection? What instructions does the Lord give Samuel? How is verse 7 important in your attitude? What assurance do these chapters give that God will prepare you?

The Lord told Samuel that Saul had been rejected as king and to set out to find another person to be king. Samuel feared for his life because he knew Saul would kill him when he found out. The Lord gave Samuel instructions to go to Bethlehem because He had chosen one of Jesse’s sons to be king. The least likely and the youngest son named David was chosen.

David did not appear to be the one God had chosen because he was only 16 years old and looked less qualified than his brothers but the Lord doesn’t look at outward appearance. The Lord looks at what’s on the inside at the heart so David was anointed by Samuel and the Spirit of the Lord was with David.

On the other hand, the Spirit of the Lord had departed Saul and an evil spirit tormented him (v. 14). His attendants searched for someone to play the harp to calm Saul down and make him feel better. They knew that David had this skill and could help Saul cope with his depressed state so they sent for him. Saul was pleased with David and made him one of his armor-bearers (v. 21).

Serving the king, David became aware of how to lead a nation. Just as the Lord prepared David for his purpose, we can be assured that the Lord will prepare each of us for our ultimate purpose. Be assured that if you follow His path and give praise for the opportunity that you will be qualified to fulfill that purpose.

This day with You Lord we accept your plan and purpose for our life. You have prepared us for this purpose and we are qualified to fulfill this purpose as we follow Your directions step by step. We give You praise for the opportunity. Amen.

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3 Responses to Prepared to Fulfill Our Purpose

  1. Amen! “Be assured that if you follow His path and give praise for the opportunity that you will be qualified to fulfill that purpose.”

    Thanks for the encouraging words.


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