Mining for Valuable Resources

This day with God, mine for valuable resources in His Word. Read daily to mine for spiritual resources more valuable than silver or gold.

Step Ahead

Fulfilling promises
Of long-range aims,
God works in the background 
And always reigns.

So put your thoughts 
Upon the Word 
And follow the prompting
The Spirit has stirred.

To be led to a place
Where things do flourish 
Because His Word
Gets inside to nourish.

Deep inside the soul
To take away stress
With advice and bring
So much zest.

More than a treasure
Of silver and gold,
His Word provides
Riches untold.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 09-30-2021
Inspired by
“Mining for Valuable Resources”
Photo – Taken in Virginia City Nevada. It’s an old mining town depicted on the TV show “Bonanza” which lasted 14 years from 1959 through 1973.

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