Step Ahead with Optimism and Courage

Like the excitement of planning a vacation destination, reading the Bible can also provide excitement as we daily read scripture and journey through life. Today we are reading what many would say is the most exciting part of the Bible as recorded in Mark 16:1-8.

On Sunday morning after the crucifixion, the women went to the tomb of Jesus. They were concerned about rolling the stone away from the entrance of the tomb but when they got there, the very large stone had already been rolled away. A man dressed in a white robe was sitting on the right side who told them Jesus had risen and was not there!

The man gave the women instructions which included telling the disciples that Jesus had gone to Galilee and they could see Jesus there. As they left the tomb, they were bewildered but amazed! They were afraid to tell anyone at first, but eventually followed through with the instructions the angel had given them.

Meanwhile, the disciples were mourning because they thought it was over but soon they would hear the good news that Jesus was alive and their response would be one of great joy and unbelievable courage because they had proof that Jesus was who He told them He was; the Savior of the world.

There are times in our life when we think it is over. Bad news from a doctor about a health issue, financial problems, or broken relationships leave many with little hope but it is during these times that we should keep the faith and seek after Christ. The resurrection of Christ gives believers this universal power to remove the obstacles. To step ahead with boldness, new optimism, and courage to walk steadily forward with excitement.

This day with You God, we face difficulties in this world but we are thankful that the burdens of this world will not keep us down. We humbly receive Your grace today and accept Your plan that always brings victory in our life. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we have the power at work in us that brings hope to the future. A future in which victory is assured now and forever. Amen.

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3 Responses to Step Ahead with Optimism and Courage

  1. Thanks for the morning encouragement. So thankful that we can “step ahead with boldness, new optimism, and courage to walk steadily forward with excitement.”

    Blessings for an amazing Memorial Day.


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