This day with God will be amazing because you can use the skills you have, be happy with who you are, and let Him work out the rest. God thinks you are AWESOME and has provided the word to guide you each day.  Collect the precious insight gained in His Word within Mark 15:1-15 as Jesus provides you with an example of accomplishing God’s purpose

The priests planned for the crucifixion of Jesus early in the morning by first handing him over to Pilate, then accusing Jesus of many crimes, and stirring up the crowd to not release Jesus but release Barabbas instead.

The chief priests said Jesus was leading the people astray and claiming to be king in competition with Julius Caesar. Pilate it seemed was willing to release Jesus but the chief priests continued to stir up the crowd so they insisted that Jesus be crucified.

Pilate sought to satisfy the crowd and Jesus didn’t try to affect the outcome of the trial but let nature take its course. There are times when it is better to remain silent rather than stir up strife. Jesus didn’t attempt to convince Pilot and the crowd to set him free. Instead, he knew that God was in control and would accomplish the way to freedom for all who believe.

Here’s what to do; follow the way God has given you. Then your aim will be true, you will make it through, your dreams will be in view, and you will accomplish more than you ever knew.

This day with You Lord, we have faith in Your Way. We are thankful that we have your Word as a guide because the lessons from the Bible, the Holy Spirit speaking to us deep in our hearts, and the wisdom gained in our experiences give us opportunities to accomplish more than we could ever imagine. Amen.

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3 Responses to Accomplishment

  1. Amen, we must “follow the way God has given you”.

    Thanks for the morning insight!

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