Stepping Ahead to Hebrews

One idea for facilitating the application of our faith is the use of inspirational poems because poetry narrows thoughts to a few lines as a way to help the mind encourage the heart into tangible actions. This poem was inspired after finishing my study of the book of Hebrews.

Step Ahead

Be nourished by the gospel; Applying what you learn By following Jesus At each and every turn. Be an example to others And develop strengths carefully By determining your main purpose That fulfills your destiny Be an overcomer; Endure difficulty By growing in positive qualities For eternal victory. Be a person of the word Being grounded and steady So in any circumstance You are always ready. Be boosted by the Holy Spirit; A power that fills your cup To turn the world upside down Because your heart is right side up. Be growing together in faith Because of what’s been done. Refreshed and energized With momentum for what’s to come. Be stepping ahead in faith By removing any doubt. Looking forward to tomorrow Knowing God will work it out. Be living the good life now; Always purpose driven With even better days ahead Because of what’s been given. Be at…

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1 Response to Stepping Ahead to Hebrews

  1. Wonderful poem. I love the book of Hebrews.

    Blessings for a wonderful day.

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