Benefits of Discipline

Jesus is our great inspiration as we consider how He suffered for us on the cross. It moves us to endure temporary difficulty for eternal victory. Read the word of God to collect the precious insight to help with discipline and in overcoming the difficulties to reach new heights.

Step Ahead

It takes skilled people;
 Not whippersnappers
 With disciplined skills
 To build sky scrapers.

 Every single day
 Giving it their best try
 As the structure
 Reaches way up high.

 Little things become big  
 And in the same way,
 Read the Word daily
 As you also pray.

 Building your life  
 With faith you acquire
 As the Good News 
 Elevates you higher.

 The skies the limit
 In what to expect
 With the Holy Spirit
 Your architect!
Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-04-2021
Inspired by  “Benefits of Discipline”
This Photo was taken in downtown Dallas while we waited to be seated   at my nieces wedding rehearsal dinner several years ago.  

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  1. So very thankful that Jesus suffered on the cross for us. His mercy is amazing.

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