For what reason does God limit the power of the foolish nation over Israel? For what reasons will God preserve a remnant of Israel? What is the basis of your hope of preservation? Why, do you think, does God emphasize the reason Moses cannot go into the Promised Land?

This day with God, let us take in His word found in Deuteronomy 32:26-52 which is the second part of a song written by Moses explaining that there are blessings when the people are obedient and praise the ONE true God but there are bad times when they worship idols and are disobedient.

Even during judgment of Israel, God limited the power of other nations over them. They had been disobedient but He preserves a remnant because the ultimate plan was to bless Israel again so they could rise up to be the great nation it was intended to be.

It’s the same for each of us. We all have days or even longer periods of time when we feel torn apart from God. We feel as though bad things are happening and it’s not always our fault but it’s because the world is a broken place.

The photo below was taken at Fort Phantom Hill located about 10 miles north of Abilene Texas. It was an active U. S. Army installation in the late 1800s but all that is still standing are the stone fire places and the stone jail house. Stone will last a lifetime and beyond. If we build our life with the solid principles of God’s Word, they are like rocks that will last this lifetime and beyond too!

Even in a broken world, we can always have hope because by accepting Jesus as Savior, we have the power inside that protects us from total destruction. We can grow again to flourish if we spend time with God reading His Word, if we set aside time for prayer, and are accountable to those around us. 

After Moses spoke the words of the song to the people, God told him to go up to Mount Nebo to view the Promised Land.  God emphasized that Moses would never set foot in the Land because he had broken faith with Him in the past. Then Moses died while up on the mountain.

In good times, we sometimes forget what got us there. It took some thought in how to follow God’s plan, hard work, and obedience. Trusting in the world is dangerous because we can be led to confusion, corruption, and failure.

For that reason, this song of Moses would be recited every seven years at the Festival of Tabernacles to refresh their minds in the Word of God and share with others so they would gain confidence and be encouraged to win the battles they faced. It would be a deterrent for the next generation so they would maintain their faith even under distress.

Today, this song is important to us as a reminder that it is in trusting God that we gain power, wisdom, strength, peace, and eternal joy. It is an attribute of the soul that is fed with good thoughts and affirmation from sermons and songs we hear in current times.

This day with You Lord, we hold on to the principles You teach in Your Word. We come to You for direction because in this broken world, we sometimes are misled. We make decisions based on bad information but we can trust in You. Things will fall into place because of grace. Because of our Savior, there is a change in behavior; following where You lead and doing good deeds; accepting the truth and teaching our youth; learning Your ways and giving praise. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for the great insight this morning. “If we build our life with the solid principles of God’s Word, they are like rocks that will last this lifetime and beyond too!”



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