Focus on the Covenant

This day with God, we put our attention on Deuteronomy 29 as we orderly go through the Word of God documenting our thoughts and ideas in this blog. Today, we read that Moses reminds the people about what God has done for them in the past. He had led them out of bondage from Egypt, parting the Red Sea, providing food as they wondered through the wilderness, and victories over their enemies.

A covenant of the Lord was made with the people. If they followed the covenant, they would be blessed with everything they needed and with the great wonders of God. They would be protected from their enemies, and gain victories because God would set things up for them to easily win their battles.

But they would be cursed if they did not follow the covenant and turned away from God toward idol worship. This would be like planting an evil seed in their heart that ultimately would produce sorrow and pain. It would grow to take root and produce bitterness.

A lesson for us today is that it is easy to have negatives that enter into our thoughts like doubt, fear, and distress. The lesson is about not just going through the motions, giving lip service, or simply looking good on the outside but finding ways to internalize our faith so it becomes a part of our character.

That’s why it is so important to regularly read the Word, document the lessons learned and organize these lessons so they can be applied throughout life and shared with others. These documented lessons become a treasure that last forever. Rather than nice furniture, nice cars, or expensive clothing that eventually begins to decline in value, the treasure you produce will gain in value over time.

Thoughts of good values and lessons learned can be gained by reading God’s Word, observing or listening to others, through music, art, and nature. These thoughts are like faith muscles and each good value gained or lesson learned builds on the other to make us stronger and stronger.

The picture of the Cross below was taken at my nieces wedding. The cross binds us to God and binds two together in a marriage. The cross also binds a community together and the result is a society that flourishes because everyone is applying the principles taught by Christ.

This day with You Lord, help us to focus on the Cross. The lessons You teach will lead us to a future with new eyes and help us to be the people we need to be with a greater vision that opens the door to an awesome future. Amen

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  1. Amen. Great insight. We need to steep ourselves in the word of God. That is essential for sure.


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