Make Every Day Count

Read this poem for encouragement about the truth of Jesus being able to save all that come to Him and how this impacts our thinking for a bright future.

Step Ahead

Victory is in sight 
 And we happily 
 Shout for joy
 The plans of God 
 Are forever 
 And with us always 
 In every endeavor.
 Abundant life now
 And forever
 In paradise
 For whomever. 
 Impacting our thinking
 Because there is a path;
 Momentum has shifted
 To overcome wrath.
 Stepping ahead
 With joy not sorrow
 As we follow the light
 Today and tomorrow.

 Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-10-2020
 Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Make Every Day Count

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5 Responses to Make Every Day Count

  1. Oh yes! The joy of our Master Jesus is our strength. May we shout for joy.

    Thanks for the morning inspiration.


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