Make Every Day Count

This day with God will be amazing because we reminisce about the joys of the past, get excited for what’s to come, and are thankful for the path laid out. Today we are reading in Hebrews 7:18-28 as the truth impacts our thinking and our daily living.

The hope and covenant through Christ is much better than the hope and covenant through the law. The law was weak and useless (v. 18). The Levitical priests were imperfect so they had to offer sacrifices for their own sin before they could offer sacrifices for others. Also, their death prevented them from continuing their office.

The people were discouraged with the covenant through the law but Jesus has given us a better way. The hope and covenant through Jesus Christ is strong and useful. His sacrifice on the cross was done once for all to offer encouragement for the future. The priesthood of Jesus is forever and is with us always to intercede for abundant life on earth and has guaranteed eternal paradise in heaven.

The truth of Jesus being able to save all that come to Him impacts our thinking because a path has been cleared, momentum has shifted, and victory is in sight as we enthusiastically shout for joy. We can put our energy into things that are important and into activities that make an impact.

Many today may have a passion for something but many times it’s towards something that is leading nowhere. Fortunately, just as the morning turns into evening and the evening into night, God’s plan of daily renewal keeps one going towards better days ahead.

This day with You Lord, we will make today count by proclaiming Your eternal truths that are unchanging. We humbly come to You in prayer looking for answers to some issues but are excited for the future. We are worry free because we know that Your eternal light will shine forever.


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