Rewards for Obedience

We seek the Lord every day and in His Way we believe. We are thankful for the Holy Spirit and the Word that gives direction as we journey through life. We are thankful for His provision and grateful for the rewards for obedience. This day with God, we dutifully read Deuteronomy 4.

Below are just a few important principles we can take away from today’s passage:

  • Maintain the hope for better days ahead
  • Worship the ONE true God
  • Be disciplined in His Way
  • Stir up enthusiasm for faith from generation to generation
  • Pass on the lessons learned
  • Share the miraculous of long ago like the parting of the Red Sea, manna, the plagues, and the voice of God from fire (vv. 35-36). Also share your experiences or observations that are miraculous
  • Accept the help of the Holy Spirit
  • Trust in the Father
  • Know that blessings come from a Father that loves you so much that He gave His only Son for Your salvation

The covenant made was to follow worship the ONE true God and the Law (Ten Commandments). To be obedient and not worship man made idols. Disobedience would result in dire consequences as this would result in being defeated by enemies and a separation from God’s blessings. Obedience would bring about more blessings than could be imagined

So the wise choice is obedience and the reward is the power of the Holy Spirit inside through acceptance of Christ as savior. Blessings ever wait for those who want to receive. My grandfather used to say, “This world and one more”. The current world is not perfect but the other one is. The perfect place in heaven is beyond what we could imagine.

Enthusiasm and energy of the younger generation; the wisdom and thoughts of the older generation. This is what makes the world go round. Below is a photo of fiver generations. That me (The baby on the left) being held by my mom. To her right are my grandmother, my great grandfather, and my great-great grandmother.

This day with You Lord, we pray for guidance and obedience in following. History tells us that if we follow Your Way, there are rewards beyond what we could ever imagine. We will have the benefit of better relationships, strong families, and successful careers. Lord, we trust You as our guide as You speak to us through Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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3 Responses to Rewards for Obedience

  1. Thanks for the great insight on Deuteronomy 4. Blessings for your faithfulness to Jesus and His good news.

    FYI – I don’t see the 5 generations photo.


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