Impact the World for the Better

This day with God will be amazing as we are humble and kind always keeping Christ in mind. We will learn more from guiding principles found in Mark 9:42-50. What we make happen for others will be returned so today let us give a smile and a smile will be given back. Let us act kind and receive kindness back from others.

We live in a world in which there exist cruelty and hate. Let us not influence others toward these but cut off what makes people have these thoughts and actions. We are the salt of the earth to season God’s words for others so they are flavorful to the soul. Like salt making food taste savory, we can be seasoned with kindness and at peace with others.

Let us think of ways to help cut out what is bad and let in what is good. We have the opportunity to be the salt of the earth to preserve the faith and add flavor to faith so it is good for the soul. Reading the Good News, accepting Christ as Savior, and being transformed into His likeness is all we need.

The power of faith is magnified when we accept in good thoughts, good media, and good food for the soul but block out the bad. In this way, we take this goodness in so that the unseen internal qualities of our soul becomes beautiful.

The photo below was taken at Hampton Court in England which is a royal palace near London. When we feed our inner garden with goodness, the results are humble acts of kindness that impact others.

This day with You Lord, help us be the salt of the earth by taking in the lessons of Your word in order to nourish the garden of our soul. As we produce something of beauty and adoration, may it provide those around us with inspiration! Amen.

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