Sorting Out Priorities and Planning

This day with God will be amazing because peace comes through realigning priorities; through having good thoughts, through working together as one in Christ, and through connecting all the dots along the path.

Reading today in Mark 1:21-39, we continue to connect the dots as we note that Jesus and His first disciples went to Capernaum. On the Sabbath, they went into the synagogue where Jesus taught with authority and drove out an impure spirit from a man.

Jesus began to create a stir with the miracles He performed. The people were amazed and the news spread quickly. After leaving the synagogue, he heals many who had various diseases and drove out many demons.

The pressure on Jesus began to mount as more people came to Him for healing. Before sunrise the next day, He went to a solitary place, where He prayed (v. 35). He meets each crisis with a “quiet time” to sort out priorities and plan out His moves. He stays on the move by going to the nearby villages throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons (v. 39).

Noted is that Christ rose early before the day began to ask for guidance, sort out priorities, and plan the day. This is something we should do too so our thoughts are clear and we start each day with adjusted priorities for the sake of the ultimate mission.

When we pray and develop a game plan each day with God, there is confidence because we know that we will do the right things that will lead to success. Jesus has paved the way to a clear path so we can constantly go for advice or insight and listen for guidance. It’s going to be a great day because God has given us the resources needed to step ahead with confidence along the path.

Lord, Your Word is flawless and as we read each day and have a time of prayer, we have confidence because we trust Your Word. We are growing in faith and the principles taught by Christ will help us meet adversity, put things into perspective, and lead us along the path to where we need to be.

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