Documenting the Journey

Totally focused on the purpose of this journey with organization, documentation, and affirmation. Today, we read Numbers 33-34 which is a documented summary of the journey the Israelites had been on since their escape from slavery in Egypt.

The photo below is the Waco Suspension Bridge which was built for the purpose of crossing the time-consuming and sometimes dangerous ordeal of circumventing the Brazos River near Waco Texas. The bridge was built to support commerce and was a crossing point as they drove cattle up the Chisholm Trail.

The statues of the cowboy on his horse and the cow where built in honor of that historic past. That’s my family in front of the monuments and the suspension bridge is in the background.

Like in the passage today, there is a need to document our own journey. To ask questions, seek answers, take pictures, and fulfill the purpose God has given to each of us. Then go out each day focusing on fulfilling that purpose and sharing with others our thoughts or ideas in how best to accomplish this aim.

The instructions given to Moses and relayed to the Israelites were to drive out all the inhabitants of the land in Canaan. Destroy their carved images and their cast idols, and demolish all their high places (33:51-52). To take possession of the land and settle in the Promised Land God had given them.

Needed to fulfill God’s purpose in our life is to accept Christ as Savior. Then pray for direction, map out our destiny, and step ahead with confidence to receive the promised reward which is beyond what we could imagine. 

This day with You God, we know Your purpose is superior. Reading today’s passage, we have been given a documented journey of the Israelites. As we journey through life, it’s important to document Your remarkable happenings around us because they build up, energize, and are utilized to keep us going the way You would want. The purpose You have for us is a big one and many times we may not feel ready or capable but it’s not about being ready. It’s about saying “yes” and knowing we are never alone because Jesus promises to be with us along this journey. Amen


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