Flourish in Blessings

This day with God as we read Numbers 24, we seek ways to apply our faith and are thankful for every day in all that we receive. With technology today, we have available a wealth of knowledge that is useful now and for eternity. The Bible is all about gaining wisdom because we are learning from the past, praying in the present, and listening for instructions toward the future.

Today, we note that when Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord to exalt Israel, it closed the case and Balaam came right out with a blessing for Israel. The future for nations against Israel was bleak but the future for Israel was one in which they would flourish in blessings.

No one person or nation can stop God’s sovereign purpose. We live in an amazing world today with technology. With a smart phone, we can instantly get the temperature in New York, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Tokyo, etc. We can text, talk, use skype, iPad/Tablet, write blogs, do Facebook or Twitter and no telling what in the future. Even with all this amazing technology that works at times and doesn’t at other times, it doesn’t come close to the dependability of God to fulfill His sovereign purpose.

With God, we flourish and by bringing others into a relationship with Him, there are many helpers to participate in bringing even more blessings and it is much more rewarding when others get to flourish in blessings too.

This day with You Lord, there is abundance when we plant the seeds of Your Word in our thoughts. The momentum for our future grows greater as we share this blessing with others. We value each victorious day and share with others our experiences as the seeds of Your Word eventually grow into the beautiful garden of our soul.  Amen.


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