Focused on the Purpose

This day with God, we will continue to be focused on the purpose of this blog as we continue to use it in helping to apply His Word in our life. Attentive today on Numbers 16, we note that Korah, Dathan, and Abiram along with 250 Israelite leaders rose up to oppose Moses.

The dissenting group was impatient and didn’t like being in the wilderness without receiving what they had been promised; a land flowing with milk and honey as an inheritance of fields and vineyards (v 14). They exaggerated the problems so they could take over the leadership.

Because they rebelled against the Lord’s appointed leadership, the earth was caused to open up and close over all those associated with Korah, Dathan, and Abiram including their families and possessions. They were swallowed up by an earthquake. Then, a fire consumed the 250 Israelite leaders who were also a part of the dissenting group.

The next day, an assembly gathered to oppose Moses and Aaron. The Lord started a plague among them but Moses and Aaron wanted the Lord to spare them so they made atonement for them. Before the plague stopped, 14,700 people died.

Explained in Family Times is the need to respect leadership and learn from history. The nation of Israel got into trouble every time they resisted the leadership of Moses and Aaron. In any society, there is a need for a chain of command with parents having authority in the home, teachers in the classroom, managers in the workplace, and civil servants in a community or nation. If this authority breaks down, society is in serious trouble.

Pride and ambition can create a situation where everyone is pulling in different directions but God can help a society pull together. We can be successful by being perceptive to the important purpose of bringing more into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What are some ways to get people fired up with passion, enthusiasm, and purpose to win souls for Christ? One idea is to mix the mysteries of the Spirit with knowledge for the mind. Pray, receive directions, and desire to present it to others for the purpose of building up the house of the Lord.

This day Lord You have all authority and this fact pulls us together to follow in the same direction. Help us today to be perceptive to the important purpose You want us to act upon each day … bringing more into a relationship with You through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Amen.

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